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Thank you for visiting the website of the Civil Non-Profit Company under the name “APANEMI STEGI AMKE”. Please study the terms of use carefully. By accessing or using this website you agree and you are expressly bound by the terms of use, which you fully and unconditionally accept.

“APANEMI STEGI AMKE” is entitled to modify at any time the terms of use at its absolute discretion, and those modifications will appear on this website. If you continue to connect to and use this website after such modifications are posted, you also accept expressly and unconditionally such changes.

If you do not agree to be bound by the Terms of Use please log out of this website immediately. In case of your stay, the Civil Non-Profit Company under the name “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” bears no responsibility.

Website Users/Visitors

The website is owned and operated by the Civil Non-Profit Company named “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” and is addressed both to individuals and legal entities. If the legal requirements for the use of the website by the upper persons are not filled, then they are not allowed to use the website and consequently “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” bears no responsibility. The use of the website by minors is only permitted with the express consent and supervision of their parents or guardians.

Modification of Terms of Use or Termination

The Civil Non-Profit Company under the name “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” has the right to unilaterally amend, modify, revise, and update these Terms of Use at any time. If the visitor continues to use this website, after those changes to the Terms of Use, automatically means that the visitor accepts expressly and unconditionally those changes. Every element of the Website can be modified, supplemented, deleted, or updated without notice, at the absolute discretion of “APANEMI STEGI AMKE”, in accordance with the legislation and fair dealings. In addition, “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” reserves the right to terminate at any time, total or partial access to this website.

Intellectual Property

The industrial property and copyrights contained on this site, including but not limited to texts, trademarks, distinctive title, designs, software, images, graphics, sounds, recordings, images, the brand name, the source code, and the whole content of the website, are the exclusive property of the Civil Non-Profit Company under the name and distinctive title “APANEMI STEGI AMKE”. The whole intellectual property and any kind of publishment on the website, belong exclusively to the “APANEMI STEGI AMKE”, are its exclusive and absolute property, are protected by the laws and regulations governing the Greek, European and International Legislation on intellectual property, industrial property and copyright in general that is in force at any time and are available to visitors strictly for personal (non-commercial or profit-making) and temporary use. It is not allowed to modify, copy, reproduce, amend, republish, upload, re-upload, publish, transmit, mislead the public about the real provider and owner of the content of the website, public display, use to create a derivative work, installation of links, transfer, sale, or any other use for public or commercial purposes without the express, written permission of “APANEMI STEGI AMKE”. In any case, the appearance and display of trademarks, distinctive titles, and features and all of the other intellectual property rights or products on the website of the Civil Non-Profit Company under the name “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” should in no way be construed as a concession, transfer or assignment of a license or right of their use.

Trademark – Distinctive Title

It is not in any way permitted to modify, copy, reproduce, exploit, amend, republish, upload, upload, publish, transmit, publicly display, use in order to create a derivative work, sell or otherwise use for public or commercial purposes the trademark, distinctive title and feature and the brand name of “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” that appears on this website without the prior written consent of “APANEMI STEGI AMKE”.


All information submitted to the Civil Non-Profit Company named “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” through this website becomes property of “APANEMI STEGI AMKE”. “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” has the right to use at its own and sole discretion, freely, without any restriction and for any reason and purpose any idea, concept, know-how or technique contained in the upper information. “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” is not bound by confidentiality obligations regarding the submitted information, except in cases where there is a specific agreement or where this is provided for by the Law. Except for any legally applicable terms and conditions, any communication or other information that you may send to the website of “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” through the Internet or by electronic mail (e-mail) or with any other way, such as questions, comments, proposals and similar information, are perceived and treated as non-confidential, while there is no commitment or obligation regarding this information.


The website of “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” which corresponds the URL www.apanemistegi.gr, uses Cookies in order to ensure a better browsing experience. If you wish to get informed in detail about our Cookies Policy, please press here.

Use of information and content

This website is property of “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” and is provided to visitors for informational purposes only. The content of this website, including terms, conditions, and descriptions, is subject to amendment without prior notice to visitors. Unauthorized use of or access to this website, or improper use of passwords or information contained in this site by its visitors is strictly prohibited, subject to applicable legal sanctions and penalties.

Links to other websites

The Civil Non-Profit Company under the name “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” may include on this website links and references to other websites that are maintained and operated by third parties, which visitors may visit at their sole discretion. The content of these websites is created under the sole responsibility of their owners and “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” does not provide any guarantee of whatever kind nor is responsible for any damage arising from the use of those websites, nor does it bear any responsibility for the content, legality or / and the accuracy of their information and / or the quality of the contents on said websites. The visitor / user has access to them at his own sole responsibility. “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” does not operate these linked sites and is not responsible for their content. The inclusion of a link to this site does not imply that “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” endorses or recommends any opinion, idea, genre, product, information, or service provided through such linked sites. Any visit, connection, or participation by our website visitors to any linked third-party site, including payment and delivery of any goods, products, or services, is based solely on the visitor’s relationship with the linked third-party provider and owner. “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” does not control these third-party sites and makes no guarantees or assurances regarding the content, items, products, or services presented or provided on said third-party sites. Visitors to this website expressly agree that “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” is not responsible for any losses or damages related to access to said websites and the use or inability to use the third-party websites and contents, products or services provided by them.

Disclaimer of Warranties – Limitation of Liability

“APANEMI STEGI AMKE” makes every effort to ensure that the information provided on its website and its total content are accurate, clear, valid, complete, correct, and available. However, the upper company does not give any kind of guarantee, nor any promise regarding the continually accuracy or completeness of its website at any time. The user unreservedly assumes any risk that may arise from accessing and using the website. Any information provided to users/visitors through the website of “APANEMI STEGI AMKE”, does not in any case, directly or indirectly, constitute a solicitation, advice, or exhortation to carry out any action, but is at the discretion of the users/visitors to evaluate what is provided to them and to act based on their private autonomy and will, excluding any responsibility of “APANEMI STEGI AMKE”. In no case will “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” be held responsible for damages, losses or liabilities including – but not limited to – any lost profits, loss of opportunities, or any indirect, consequential, incidental or specific damage, loss or damage or compensation occurred by criminal prosecution or by a contractual relationship, either under a warranty or in tort (including negligence), civil or any kind of liability or otherwise, which may arise out of or related to the use or the inability to use this website or any part thereof, or any linked site, even if “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” has been informed of the possibility of damages, losses, or liability. Neither “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” nor any party that participated in the creation, design or provision of its website, will be liable for any damage to the user, including indicatively any direct, indirect, accidental, incidental or other damage or loss, which may arise from any access, use or inability to use this website, or for damage caused by even negligence of any kind or delinquency of any of its employees or partners or from any error or omission in its content. The exclusion of liability includes, but is not limited to, any damage caused by any virus transmission to the user’s electronic equipment.


Visitors of this website agree that they will generally undertake any action and responsibility is required to prevent “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” and its affiliates from suffering any damage as a result of any claim or expense, including legal fees and expenses, related to the visitors’ violation of these terms of use or misuse of the site or the products or services provided through it. Visitors agree to use the services correctly, without violating the Law or violating the rights and interests of third parties, they guarantee the accuracy of their data, so as to avoid causing any damage to “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” due to inaccurate information. Otherwise, the visitors agree that they are obliged to fully compensate “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” for any such damage resulting from their own actions or omissions.


If any of the above Terms and Conditions of Use is deemed illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, the specific term will be considered as if it had not been written, but without affecting the enforceability and validity of the remaining terms. “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” may at any time modify any or all the Terms and Conditions of Use contained herein, and users will be deemed to have been notified and bound by the changes and amendments by the moment they appear on its website.
Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
The Terms of use constitute a contract between you and the Civil Non-Profit company under the name “APANEMI STEGI AMKE”. You agree that your use of this website is governed by and construed in accordance with the Greek Law. You expressly agree that you are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Greek Law, while the exclusive competent Courts are the Courts of Athens.

Personal Data Protection

The procession and protection of the personal data of the visitor/user of this website is governed by the applicable National and European Legislation as well as by the General Data Protection Regulation, as applicable.
“APANEMI STEGI AMKE” fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. If you wish to find out more about the Policy of “APANEMI STEGI AMKE” regarding your Personal Data, please visit our website, where the Personal Data Protection Policy is posted, here.
If you wish to contact “APANEMI STEGI MAKE”, please send us an e-mail to the e-mail address [email protected]

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