We support Artemis

The offspring of the will of APANEMI STEGI is called today to summon and coordinate all its efforts together with and those of our fellow human beings, to participate in and aid the huge struggle of a soon to be 10-year-old girl who was born with cerebral palsy in August 2014!

With her premature birth (at 30 weeks), her condition was caused during birth and was diagnosed immediately, but the extent of the damage could not be determined then!

From the age of 5 months Artemis has been undergoing treatments (lower limb muscle lengthening surgery, 2 botox injections, 1 alcohol block extract, etc...). Until today, she has neither lost hope nor her innocent smile and neither has her mother despite losing her father when 5 years old!

After all this the pediatric neurologist recommended the innovative medical method called RHIZOTOMY!

RHIZOTOMY, is an operation on the SPINAL CORD, which will eliminate its BROADNESS so that the treatments are effective!
This PIONEER method is only performed in the United States, in St. Louis, Missouri, by Dr. Parke, a doctor who is a specialist in these procedures!
The cost of all this life-saving surgery, which will allow Artemis to stand up and run, reaches the amount of 100.000,00 EUR!

Let us join forces to support the struggle of this child, with every possible financial help from the respective fellow companion!
APANEMI STEGI will coordinate all its efforts to achieve this goal with light and love for Artemis herself and for her family!
We support with a bank deposit:

Piraeus Bank: GR3601720500005050108177751

Reason: ARTEMIS & the donor's TAX number
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